Kroenke Flies in Rams Quarterback to Show Bellerin How to Throw a Ball

Following a succession of foul throws by Hector Bellerin in recent weeks, Stan Kroenke has taken matters into his own hands – turning to his NFL team for assistance.

The much-criticised Arsenal owner has flown in Jared Goff, quarterback for the LA Rams, to teach Bellerin how to throw a ball.

The Spaniard has managed 5 foul throws already this season, a league high, and Kroenke hopes his QB will help Bellerin overcome his throw-in faux pas.

Goff, the first overall pick in the 2016 NFL draft, spent the early part of the week working with the Arsenal full-back while the rest of the team took part in tactical drills. Asked how the sessions went, a club insider told us: ‘Hector can now successfully identify zone coverage and can hit a receiver mid-stride, 60 yards downfield, though he still can’t take a throw-in’.

Goff is now expected to return home ahead of the Rams’ Thursday Night Football showdown against the New England Patriots, and Arsenal’s Thursday night football tie with the mighty Dundalk.

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