Kepa to Attend Bedwetting Therapy After Latest Gaffe

Chelsea goalkeeper Kepa Arrizabalaga is scheduled to attend bedwetting therapy in a bid to help him keep a clean sheet.

Kepa’s girlfriend, Andrea Pérez, stumbled across the solution following a desperate late-night Google search, and while the remedy sounds somewhat unorthodox, it could have some merit. Bedwetting therapists are experts in tackling embarrassment and low self-esteem, and have plenty of experience fixing the confidence issues of young men.

One bedwetting expert told us: ‘If you want clean sheets then patience and understanding is key.’ But under-fire Chelsea boss Frank Lampard can ill afford to provide either, with his own job on the line after a string of poor results.

If therapy can restore some of Kepa’s long lost belief, and with Lampard potentially facing the sack, the Spaniard could see himself reinstalled as Chelsea manager – a role he assumed during the 2019 League Cup final.

Whatever happens on the managerial front, after another goalkeeping gaffe against lowly Luton Town, Chelsea fans will be hoping that bedwetting therapy can bring an end to Kepa’s marathon run of piss-poor performances.

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